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Movierulz is a site that offers free movies and TV shows to its users. It consists of films from Bollywood and Tollywood as well as English films. This service is available on both PC and mobile devices. You can even stream the films using Smart TV. The site has a simple user interface. However, some of its functions have been restricted by the Indian government.

Websites are illegal

While the website is a safe place to watch movies online, the pop up ads can be annoying. They can also take you to unprotected sites that can lead to malware or viruses. In addition, some of the websites are illegal. So, it is important to avoid downloading movies from these sites.

Another problem with Movierulz is that the site’s domains change frequently. This means that you won’t always find the movie you want. Besides, you may accidentally click on a malicious link, which could take you to a site that’s not protected by your security software. Therefore, if you use the site, you should always check the website’s reputation.

Movierulz is also known for its dubbed versions of Hindi and English films. These are offered in different resolutions after a few hours of release. For those who don’t understand the Hindi language, this website is a great option. Moreover, it provides videos in different languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, French, and Italian.

Links remain active

Despite the fact that the website has millions of users and subscribers, the governing authority of India has taken action against it. In order to protect their citizens from this scam, the government has censored the website. Furthermore, the primary domain is now locked. Nonetheless, many of the links remain active.

Movierulz is not the only site that allows you to download free movies. There are many other alternatives for movie lovers. Some of them are listed below.

One of the most popular websites is Movierulz. This site has been around for a long time. Although it is not the best option for downloading movies, it is still a good option to consider. Unlike Movierulz, it provides a safe way to view the latest releases. Other than that, it also offers a variety of other features.

A great way

When you go to Movierulz, you’ll find the same films, dubbed and undubbed, in various formats. Additionally, it is a great way to watch movies if you are unable to visit the cinema. And, if you have a Smart TV, the website is perfect for you.

Lastly, the most important feature of the site is its search bar. You can search for movies and download them, or you can just enjoy the site’s vast library of content. Ultimately, it is a great option if you love to watch movies.


Besides, it’s also a great source for ad-free streaming. But it’s still not a good idea to use it if you have sensitive information on your device. That’s because it is a pirated site. Also, if you are downloading from an illegal site, you’ll probably be downloading virus-ridden files.

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