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Can Google Home Act As My PC Speaker?

If you’ve purchased a Google Home Max, you may be wondering: Can Google’s assistant act as a speaker for my PC. While it’s true that the Google Assistant cannot replace the speaker in your PC, you can use it to cast audio files from your PC to your Google Home speakers. Chromecast users can also connect their TV to their Google Home speakers via Bluetooth and play local content from their Chrome browser.

You can pair your Google Home to two speakers using the Android or iOS app. You can choose a left-channel pair or a right-channel pair. If you have a Bluetooth device that has the same name as your Google Home speakers, the devices will pair automatically. To switch from one to the other, open the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet and select the second speaker pair. Once connected, you’re good to go!

When setting up Google Assistant on your Android or iOS device, you’ll need to select “Living Room Speaker” as the device. The Living Room Speaker window displays the audio currently playing in the tab. It will start playing from there. When you want to play a file from your PC, just click the local URL and Google Home will start playing the file through the speakers. A volume control and slider controls are located on the device’s screen.

You can use your Google Home as your primary PC speaker. Once set up, you can even turn it into a Bluetooth speaker. Even when you use it as a Bluetooth speaker, you can still use ‘OK Google’ commands to control your device. You can even ask Google to play audio through the speaker while it’s acting as a Bluetooth device. If you’re not sure, simply check out the Google Assistant for instructions.

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