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With a $50 million Series A funding round, cresta is positioned to make its own mark on the venture funding market. Cresta’s model is to observe how top-performing agents work and then prod them with suggestions for solutions. The company is different from the rest in a number of ways.

cresta focuses on observing what the top-performing agents do

Using AI to coach customer service and sales agents, Cresta turns every agent into an expert. Its machine learning model observes each interaction and identifies the top-performing behavior of the agent. It then provides feedback and best practices to help the agent achieve the best possible outcomes. By applying this methodology to all chats, Cresta has helped a large enterprise software company increase revenue and improve conversion. It has also been used to speed up on-boarding for new agents xfire.

Cresta offers real-time coaching that helps agents respond more effectively to customer challenges. It provides recommended responses based on industry best practices and automates repetitive workflows such as knowledge base articles. Moreover, the system also guides representatives through key moments of a conversation and reports agent performance over time. The software also helps organizations stay on script and ensure compliance with regulatory policies.

Cresta was founded by Sebastian Thrun, who previously founded Google X and Google’s self-driving car project. It offers real-time coaching for contact center agents, across phone and text platforms. Its revenues are expected to grow to $100 million annually. It was originally founded in India, but recently relocated its headquarters to the Bay Area mytoptweets.

The summer release of Cresta focuses on three key areas: configurable automated messages, accelerated knowledge search, and retention and cross-sell coaching. These features allow care teams to become a valuable value center by improving the overall customer experience. The new features also focus on automating the repetitive parts of a conversation.

$50 million round of funding

AI-powered customer service platform Cresta has raised $50 million in Series B funding led by Sequoia Capital. The new funding will help the company expand and improve its Expertise Engine. The AI technology helps retailers provide better customer service to their customers. It uses artificial intelligence tools to provide real-time, predictive responses to customer queries. As a result, agents are 20% more likely to convert a lead into a sale.

Cresta’s AI solution makes it easier for salespeople to close sales. It works by analyzing conversations and tracking agent performance and recommending improvements based on previous interactions. The technology can also be used in online conversations to improve sales. The company has signed up companies such as Porsche, Intuit, and Cox Communications.

To make their technology more accessible, Cresta built an internal infrastructure and developed an intelligent application that allows humans to work alongside the technology. Unlike many other AI systems, Cresta is using artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of human employees. This is important because it allows people to work with technology without the risk of being replaced economictimes.

With its new investment, Cresta is expanding its capabilities and its client base. The company launched last year with $21 million in funding and is already attracting a stellar list of enterprise customers. The company has also introduced a new solution called Cresta for Voice, aimed at telephone-based sales teams. The technology integrates with Amazon Connect, a cloud contact service platform.

Another company that has received funding from venture capital firms is Pimloc. This London-based company has developed computer vision software that offers video and image anonymization services. The new funding will help Pimloc expand its operations across Europe and extend its product roadmap. The company plans to sell its Secure Redact product via SaaS and APIs as well as containers that integrate into local video systems. The company’s software is already being used by law enforcement agencies and other entities that need video evidence.

Unification with Uniphore

Uniphore, a provider of conversational automation and artificial intelligence solutions, recently announced a $400 million Series E funding round. The round was led by NEA, and the funds will be used to further develop the company’s technology leadership and expand globally.

Cresta, an AI-powered platform that offers real-time support to help customer service agents respond to inquiries on calls or in chats, has raised $50 million in a series B round of funding.

The company’s latest investment, which was led by Sequoia Capital, with participation from Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Allen & Company, and Porsche Ventures, comes after a year of growth that saw its revenues quadruple. It’s difficult to read too much into any first-year revenue growth metrics, but it’s clear that companies are hankering for technology that helps them optimize their customer-facing operations.

Cresta shares common ground with many of these companies, though it’s placing a specific focus on learning from what the best-performing agents do and passing this knowledge to colleagues while nudging them with suggested responses.

Led by Zayd Enam, co-founder and CEO, Cresta aims to make business more productive by using Expertise AI to help sales and service teams unlock their potential via AI solutions. The company provides Cresta Expertise Engine, which provides real-time AI mentoring and feedback across all customer communications and recently announced Cresta for Voice, a solution for phone-based teams that delivers measurable business outcomes within weeks. Key features of Cresta for Voice include real-time agent assistance and coaching during a customer phone call, call transcription, dynamic triggering of reminders for key agent behaviors that lead to improved business outcomes, and access to knowledge base answers to accelerate resolving customer questions. Cresta’s customers include Intuit, Porsche, and Cox Communications.

Cresta, a San Francisco, CA-based expertise AI provider to the enterprise, closed its $50m Series B funding. The San Francisco-based company officially launched last year with $21 million in funding, and it has amassed an impressive roster of clients so far, including Intuit, Adobe, and Dropbox.

The round was led by Sequoia Capital with participation from Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Allen & Company and Porsche Ventures. In conjunction with the funding, Sequoia’s Carl Eschenbach joined the company’s board of directors, which includes former AT&T CEO John Donovan and Cresta and Google X co-founder Sebastian Thrun.

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