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Famous Quotes About Education

The world would be a much better place if education were a priority for all people. Some famous quotes about education include those by Henry B. Adams and Mark Twain. Henry Brooks Adams said that education is more important than ruling the state. Educators have an obligation to cultivate a lifelong desire to learn and teach students how to think straight. Similarly, a superior teacher cultivates the passion for learning and develops a student’s ability to think critically and logically.

Education is the first step toward critical thinking, empowerment and skills for advancing a better world. The more you learn, the more interesting the world is and the more fun learning becomes. Education is the soul of a society. The future belongs to the prepared today. By preparing today, you are ensuring a bright future. It is also essential for the protection of society. The better you educate yourself, the better you can protect the world.

Some famous quotes about education come from a wide variety of sources. Victor Hugo, the French poet, and Will Durant, the American writer, are all great examples. Aside from these two, there are numerous other people whose words have inspired generations of children. For example, the Italian philosopher Leo Buscaglia, the American author Jim Rohn, the renowned author, and the British politician Carl Rogers are among the many famous people to inspire the youth in their respective fields.

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