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How Lucrative Is Social Media Marketing?

The profitability of social media marketing can vary, depending on how successful you are and the services you offer. A full-time social media manager can make $50,000 a year or more, while an intermediate social media marketer may charge from $50 to $100 an hour. Social media managers who have a great deal of experience can command upwards of $120 an hour or more. While these figures may seem low, social media marketing has the potential to boost the profitability of online companies.

Many marketers have wondered: Is social media marketing profitable? Some say that it is not. Having thousands of followers on Twitter might feel like an advantage, but accumulating followers does not necessarily translate to profit. The same goes for Facebook and other social media platforms. Social media platforms allow you to collect detailed demographic information on users and their buying habits. With enough attention, you can develop a highly targeted marketing strategy.

For a solo agency, start by determining your annual income goal. The average social media manager makes $50,000 a year. To start, set your income goal lower and increase it as you gain experience. Once you know your annual income goal, you can calculate the amount of money you can charge your clients per hour. If you have several clients, divide the amount of income by the number of hours you need to work each month.

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