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Is Ben Stone From Law and Order Dead?

Is Ben Stone from Law and Order dead? The fictional character from the hit television show has been dead for over a year, with no sign of revival in sight. While many people believe the actor is dead, this is not the case. Stone is alive and well. He appeared in 88 episodes of the series, including a special episode called “The New York Times” in 2010. Ben is a lawyer, and he has a son.

The new season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is set to premiere on the network on February 22, 2018. But it is highly unlikely that Ben Stone will be back on the show. Although his character resigned from the D.A.’s office in 1994, he appeared in the missing persons’ case five years later. The actor’s character, Benson, was the victim of a tragic incident that occurred on April 7, 2013. It’s unclear whether he’ll return to the show, but fans are curious.

Throughout the four-season series, Stone has a number of different relationships with other characters. In the episode “Old Friends,” he was involved in a racketeering case, in which the main witness, Ann Madsen, was murdered by the Russian mafia. After this, Stone is responsible for her death and resigns from the DA’s office, allowing Jack McCoy to assume the role.

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