Whether casino, lottery or sports betting – gambling offers have had a run on the Internet for a long time. While casinos are taking in less and less, racetracks are closing down, and only half as many German citizens leave their lottery tickets at the lottery counter as ten years ago, the so-called iGaming industry is booming.

Why not switch sides and work for a gambling company? Whether Malta, Gibraltar, Aruba, Curacao, Cyprus, Stockholm or London. Interesting work locations and casino jobs are guaranteed. Neither the industry giants like tipico and Betsson nor up-and-coming cool start-ups are lagging behind in recruiting. Especially for young people, there are very good opportunities for an interesting and fun career start.

In addition, there is experience abroad as well as the improvement of foreign language skills. Business language is English almost everywhere. But even older semesters can quickly find a job in the gaming industry. Whether you are a former regular soldier, an early retiree, or a university dropout – the job offer and demand are great.


One thing first – very few people work as dealers or croupiers. At best, such jobs are in demand in the live casino. Especially for German speakers there are hundreds of jobs for almost all qualifications. The classic entry-level job is customer service. For people with good German skills and due to the frequent shift work of great flexibility, this is not a bad choice. The pay is more than fair. For this article, we will take the Mediterranean island of Malta as an example.

Here, a customer service employee answering customer inquiries would earn between €19,000 and €25,000 plus bonuses. For senior roles such as team leader or manager, there is of course even more money in the account every month. Also better paid are customer service for highrollers (so-called VIPs) as well as second line support, where the tricky problems are handled.

Different jobs – lots of choice

If you are creative, you will find a lot of offers in the areas of graphic design and “content” (creation and translation of texts). Likewise, the marketing and “affiliation” sector also offers good opportunities for beginners and professionals. People with an IT background can almost choose their jobs. Whether frontend or backend developer, programmer or system administrator, people with IT background are always in demand and particularly well paid.

Even lawyers (in legal departments) or psychologists who take care of the implementation of responsible gaming are needed. We cannot reflect the whole range in such a short article. There are plenty of agencies specialized in the gambling sector, such as Pentasia, Bettingjobs or BettingConnections, which operate worldwide. And of course, the respective companies such as tipico have their own career section on their website.

Advancement opportunities in iGaming/Gaming/Casino

In countries like Malta or Gibraltar, your experience and skills often count more than your education. Even without a degree, you can quickly get into attractive positions. Sure, without a law degree you won’t be able to rise to the head of a legal department even in the gambling industry. But most jobs are open to you. Commitment and willingness to learn are important. With regard to Malta, the free university attendance should certainly also be interesting. Quite a few Europeans work part-time in iGaming and thus finance their studies.

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